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Healthy Choices

Nutrition is the most important factor that affects human health. Our body is like a biological machine and it requires energy to operate. We acquire the energy we need from what we eat. When we feel hungry, it means that our body needs energy. Food that can be converted into higher levels of energy allows our bodies to perform better. Organs that perform well helps the immune system by protecting themselves better and malfunctions occur rarely.

Food drying allows us to preserve the goods easily and consume the seasonal foods outside of their seasons. The dried goods we get from our KURUMEY G-101 Drying System are processed in low temperatues which keep their cell walls intact. Due to this, the properties like taste, smell and color are preserved while differences between nutritional values are kept minimal.

Healthy eating habits help us stay in healthy levels of weight while supporting body's self reconstruction and regeneration mechanisms. Having fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients in meals keep our energy levels high. We feel energetic and well, we do not face with weight problems and look well.

Make yourself happy and eat dried fruits and nuts that you can keep close by between your meals.

Get the sugar that your body needs from the right and healthy sources like fruit sugar.