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Healthy Eating and Dried Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are important in terms of healthy eating. Organic goods that are consumed during their seasons are valuable treasures. When we need the organic goods during their off-seasons or when we are unable to obtain them, we should consider the healthiest option: dried fruits.

In traditional drying methods, goods require long periods of time to dry. During this process, temperature differences due to day and night occur, certain toxic materials and bacterias that are detrimental to human healthy populate the goods.

According to a research, certain methods of drying and the amount of nutritional value they preserve are as follows:

  • Traditional methods – between 45% and 55%
  • Systems that use heat rooms to dehydrate – between 55% and 60%
  • Microwave ovens – 60% - 65%
  • Pressurized freeze drying and KURUMEY G-101 system – between 90% and 95%

As it can be seen, by using the correct drying techniques, differences between the fresh good and the dried good can be ignored and should have an important role in our eating habits.

Our patented drying system prevents toxic materials from being formed while preserving the colour, antioxidant value and nutirional value of the goods.